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Biodiesel Trade War Disad

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About This File

This is a disad against increasing Biodiesel Subsidies (Aff Westminster Broke in the Outrounds of the TOC). All of the Uniqueness and Links are from 08 or 09 for this Argument.


Index – Biodiesel DA 1

1NC – CP 2

1NC – Biodiesel DA 3

Trade War: Brinks 5

Protectionism Brink 7

2NC – Impacts – Russia Expansionism 8

Long Russia Expansionism Impact (1NC Module) 9

2NC – Russia – Impact Calc 11

2NC – Impacts – Arms Embargo 12

2NC – Arms Embargo – China/Taiwan Impact 13

2NC – East Asia Arms Race Impact 15

AT Embargo Fails / Won’t Sell the Weapons 16

AT Taiwan War Doesn’t Escalate 17

AT China Won’t Invade – US Detterence 18

AT – No Taiwan Independence 19

Arms Race Scenario – AT US Protection Solves Arms Race 20

Trade Wars Spillover 21

2NC - A/T Won’t Escalate 22

A/T Just Rhetoric 23-24


In .Doc format.




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