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Gregorian Calendar K

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If the other team (say a new Aff) occurs, they will most likely read evidence in a traditional manner, which includes the DATE the evidence was published (like, Zompetti in 2006). Those are your links arguments, and they are all you need. By using, engaging, and perpetuating the dates, the other team is legitimizing the GREGORIAN CALENDAR – the common calendar we all use on an everyday basis. The Gregorian Calendar was instituted by Pope Gregory in the late 1500s in response to the Julian calendar that was used previously. The K authors – most of them are new age, spiritual hacks – argue that the Gregorian calendar is inaccurate, and based on the Earth’s revolvement around the sun. The inaccuracies cause an imbalance with nature (since the Earth doesn’t revolve the Sun in 365 days). As a result, the imbalance creates tension, stress, and aggression, which the authors argue has caused many wars.For a mere $5, you get the full K file, answers, plus a strategy page. For a multi-purpose K that can be run against anyone, you can't beat it.If you have questions, email me: zompetti@aol.com

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