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T Incentives must be Positive and 2nc Blocks

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Tired of teams reading regulation affirmatives that avoid many of the core disadvantages and case turn arguments that you have prepared for the positive incentive cases? This file gives you all of the evidence and blocks you need to call these affirmatives out and draw a line in the sand. While many people may consider affirmatives that mandate reduction of carbon emissions or use of alternative energy topical, many authors in the literature draw a distinction between these affirmatives and those that offer positive incentive for the use of alternative energy. The evidence in this file is contextual to incentives for alternative energy and written by experts in the field and will quickly take down teams who read evidence that only defines the word “incentive”. With round ready 2nc blocks to answer every 2ac argument worth its weight, this file will make executing this argument easy and efficient. This file is more than just a shell with a 2nc overview. It also includes:- Cards (written by experts) supporting and impacting the standards.- 2nc cards supporting the predictability and desirability of the 1nc interpretation.- Sophisticated answers to things like “states counterplan justifies negative incetives”- 2nc extensions of every standard that go beyond the buzz words- and a short and long version of the 1nc shellHere’s a preview of one of the pieces of 2nc evidence:"There are two main categories of renewable energy policies. The first category gives some financial incentives to encourage renewable energy" ...."The second category of renewable energy policies is called rules and regulations, which mandate a certain action from an obligated entity. Included within this category are renewable portfolio standards, equipment certification, solar/wind access laws, and green power purchasing/aggregation polices [13]."

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