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This is the argument the affirmative plans must rule with a test case. Sua Sponte is the legal term used when the court rules without one. This file is really really good. Heres whats inside:A written out theory violation that says ruling w/o a test case is unpredictable and hurts negative ground. A counterplan to rule on the next appropriate test case with net benefits. (they will have no answer to this counterplan, and im pretty sure it has never been run in debate... but im young so im probablly wrong)A bunch of disads to ruling sua sponte: legitimacy, due process, judicial discretion, judicial neutrality, activism, etc etc etc. Check out the index. Affirmative answers just in case. This file will more than likely win you a debate next year. Im just sad I will never get to use it. Oh well, maybe next year. Best of luck.

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