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  3. How am I assuming your gender when in your name it says debate GIRL also you try deflecting your obvious exclusion by mocking people WHO ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE DYSPHORIA CAUSE THEY ARE MISGENDERED as for the race thing, im saying you are defending that lily white style. You continue to be an ass and choose to not listen. You are pathetic.
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  5. Stop acting like the victim here. You initiated this conversation now face the music. You feel as you are being silenced cause you have people pointed out your BS and now act like the white people who say they are the victims black people silencing them in conversations. This is a can of worm you will never close!
  6. Hypocrite I swear, you have been rude to others and the moment I pointed out that you wanted to evict me from my home you use your emotions to shield yourself from any wrong! You have been rude to others on this thread! You seem to want to push the Idea that Policy Debate is being oppressed, and you are dead wrong. Neg has so many tools against K Affs like FW, T, TVA, K, DAs, and Case and K forces Policy Debaters to think how not to link to them and how to win on their case alone. Ks have done nothing but better debate as a whole. Ks have forced debaters to not be lazy and research, research, research! Ks have given platforms to those who did not have any prior, so I will say it again Stop acting like Policy Debate has degraded just cause we ain’t doing the Lilly White way. I will not be made to feel my style of advocacy is lesser to the White Mans no longer. You are open to critique and I am saying that your implications K debate is any lesser is the same method White Oppressors use daily even if it is covert or unintentional!
  7. @TheTrashDebater - I am sorry that you have interpreted my opinion as an attack. It wasn't meant to be received that way, nor is my viewpoint based in exclusion or hate. I feel that policy debaters have been silenced. I fear, with reason, that the rapid increase in Ks and K AFFs will lead to a policy debate world free of policy. Policy debate was created for policy-centric discussion. When the debate is centered on anything other than the plan, the debate turns into a deliberation-free echo chamber. One where people talk passed each other. The issue is that the K team can win the round with no knowledge on the plan because the links are pre-written. Conversely, policy debaters must have a fair to good understanding of the K lit in order to win. The burden is on policy debaters. They have lost their freedom both in the performative sense and the sense of research/prep. This is just one of the many problems. Nevertheless, my delivery could have been better throughout the thread. I got defensive because people were attacking me.
  8. @AnthonyUwU - please try and see things from my point of view. if you don't want to try showing empathy, please refrain from bullying and spewing hate. i am a member of the debate community just like you. we should talk to each other with respect, not hate.
  9. I know K debate is important. I know that it is a home for people. Believe it or not, I enjoy watching K debates and often judge them for my novices. I strongly believe in and defend the importance of critique. I am close with so many K debaters. Virtually my whole team has transitioned. It is simply hard to accept the fact that policy-centric debaters are forced to involve themselves in rounds which don't allow them to express themselves or their solvency mechanisms. Instead, they must discuss critical literature and defend every single intricacy of the AFF. It is truly ridiculous to have to spend the majority of my rounds no-linking or perming instead of doing impact comparison or finding solvency deficits to a CP. Please have some empathy. I am sorry I came off as close-minded. I truly am not. I wouldn't even classify myself as anti-K. Please try to see my point of view as I am trying to do with you. Please? I know this exactly the type of statement a K debater would make fun of, but my home has been ruined, too. I had a home in policy debate, too. I had a home where I could stand up for what I believe. But I have been silenced. And this is why I come off as angry.
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  11. The beauty of policy debate is that there can be a mix of both or even a mesh in both styles of debate saying that one style of debate is better or "meant for policy debate is kind of messed up. There are multiple examples of policy teams winnings against K teams and vice versa policy vs K debates are honestly one of my favorite debates to partake in and watch.
  12. @debategirl52 you DO NOT have my permission to record ANYTHING that I have EVER said on this site or this forum or this page or anything else.
  13. DONT YOU DARE, You assume we are privileged to have other venues and you want to EVICT US FROM OUR HOME (Policy Debate) I AM NOT AS PRIVILEGED AS YOU TO HAVE OTHER FORUMS WHERE I WONT GET BEAT UP. Get Out Of Here With That Nonsense! You belittle advocacy that does not fit your EuroCentric model and I am truely disgusted. Please do the debate community a favour and please stop with your nonsense. I am sorry I do not fit your White Model of debate, Sorry I am Brown, Sorry I speak out against Oppression I have felt in debate, Sorry you got so mad because you couldn’t run a tight framework.....
  14. Feel however you feel like about certain arguments. That doesn't contest what we've all been saying the entire time, which is that writing a book or article about it is unnecessary and only gives further negative attention to the debate community. Seriously, if you have a problem with K's and K affs, and you think that they're so horrible for debate, then run theory. Argue why your model of debate is better. I am sick and tired of people otherizing the type of debate that brings me joy, and have it knocked as "not real debate." It is opinions like this, and the complete close minded attitude around this, that make me wanna quit sometimes. I am tired of being judged by people for simply thinking that we ought to question our assumptions and our positions in society. Debate has become a home, and when people threaten to set the room I reside in on fire, it makes me wanna leave that home. Stop skirting the actual issue and debate the actual debate instead of using ad homs and completely disregarding the points of others. We're providing the deliberation, you just have to engage with our deliberation. Tell us why K debate isn't educational, why ought it be banned in policy specifically, don't knock us as closed minded people who think that policy-policy debaters are terrible people. I larp in LD, I think that policy discussion is a good idea and that it's a cool discussion to be had, but I don't think that limiting the discussion of the debate space is a good idea. Look back to almost anyone in this thread and you'll see that the discussions from K debate are a good thing, and that they ought to be engaged in. Seriously, stop attacking me, and stop attacking my style.
  15. This thread has confirmed each and every one of my deepest fears about the debate community. True deliberation is no longer strived for. Punishment for any idea that doesn't align with the current state of debate is encouraged. Anyone who feels negatively about Ks/K AFFs is truly silenced. Whether fighting for this issue is worth my time is questionable. I am reconsidering everything.
  16. Yeah no doubt that would just weaken all the sections of the community since they'd more than likely have to pick and choose which event to attend. This is of course setting aside all other issues that have been laid out in this thread. How do you make judges who like all types of debate enforce it? What if soft left type affs are too critical for some judges, or if someone attaches a plan to a Baudrillard aff (as many do)? How would you make any large national tournament, most of which are run by directors who disagree with you, enforce these rules? You don't, that's how. You can't make debaters debate things they don't want to unless you're doing the debating yourself.
  17. Why allow critical debate in certain events when that just encourages a decrease in participation in debate?
  18. @seanarchy - just because my opinion is different doesn't mean it is harmful. I simply propose a different venue for K AFFs. Another section at tourneys like LD or Puff. They need to make a K section. This would allow policy debaters to debate policy.
  19. You are the worst

  20. Sorry about your policy season... 2 things 1. try college kids. They could always use more money 2. Talk it up (the debate program) at school to all gradelevels and u will get more members.
  21. heyyo! so i go to a relatively popular high school in the dallas area, and the policy team at our school has gone to complete crap. our coach is trying to revive it, but now we’re left with a singular team. our coach offered to hire someone to come help us out (aka a private coach), but i’m not sure where to start looking into that. anyone have any info on how to find a priv coach in the dallas area?
  22. thanks so much!
  23. Here's from the China topic. Third World Consciousness Aff-Neg - Wake 2016 RKS K Lab.docx
  24. hi everyone does anyone have anything on third world fem that they would like to share with a world schools debate team?
  25. No idea how you could possibly do debate and not understand the concept of consequences to one's actions. I doubt anyone gives a shit if OP is a good/bad person, but the action they proposed and the justifications they gave for it were flawed and harmful. Plenty of people have explained the reasons for this in a civil and well reasoned manner.
  26. There are ways to disagree with someone else that don't consist of tearing them down or accusing them of wanting terrible things or being stupid, but those are unfortunately in short supply in this thread. Telling someone that voicing their opinion is evidence they are a bad person is not the same thing as telling them they can't have an opinion, but it lives in the same neighborhood.
  27. jmc_va

    Poverty Topic

    I was coaching in 2009-2010 and have the back files. Tell me how to get em to you and I can do it when I get home this afternoon.
  28. There's always the Digital Debate Camp, which tends to be really helpful in situations like yours.
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