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  3. not too big on hartman but i can build off of this and tell you about wilderson. afropessimist literature argues that blackness is ontological. blackness isn't just being black-- it is a (non)positionality. the middle passage created this (non)positionality, where the slave ship rendered africans black. being african is not the same as being black. i would argue that being african still retains natality to the homeland while being black means being natally alienated (one of the pillars of social death). there is a distinction with a difference. blackness is written on flesh-- the physical being-- and on the body-- the being. from this, wilderson argues that black people are not human. they occupy the positionality of nonpositionality-- the ontology of nonontology. black people are the structural antagonism to the entirety of society. identity, and by extension humanity, is constructed in opposition to them. in addition, wilderson argues that two structural antagonisms-- or oppositions that structure society-- created the status quo ("modernity writ large"). the first is black violence, based off of the structure of the master and the slave. the second is "red" violence, based off of the structure of the settler and "savage" (this is how wilderson explains it-- he uses these exact words so pls dont kill me). wilderson argues that, given these two structural antagonisms, modernity cannot exist or continue without genocide and slavery. the constant, ongoing erasure, genocide, and settling of native land, and the constant, ongoing labor and creation of the slave (chattel slavery might be "over" but it sure as hell is replicated within the modern prison system). idk if any of this makes sense so feel free to ask questions bc i can't form a coherent sentence. also read red, white, and black (the free pdf should be floating around somewhere but if you need it i can dm it)!! i recommend reading the introduction to see if that answers your question better than i can. edit: idk what you mean by empathy but you might be talking about the ruse of analogy/chain of equivalence. this concept argues that comparing violences to antiblack violence (or comparing something to blackness) renders blackness fungible. that is, to "thingify" it. it simplifies hundreds of years of antiblack violence, something that structures and undergirds modernity, to something that can be compared. antiblackness is incomparable to other forms of violence. antiblack violence is antiblack violence. so therefore empathy (i don't know hartman very well so i'm interpreting empathy as being able to place yourself in other people's shoes) creates a chain of equivalence to blackness. people cannot and should not empathize with antiblack violence if they have not experienced it firsthand as a black person.
  4. jaceg

    Understanding Cybernetics

    Scrub Idaho debater here. Can anyone help me understand the Cybernetics kritik? I'm looking to perhaps expand my neg stuff. I can understand average kritiks, Agamben, Baudrillard, Biopolitics, Psychoanalysis, etc. Thanks friends.
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  6. I'm probably not the most qualified to tell you about this but I'll try Humanism isn't great because the notion of the human is necessarily exclusionary. The concept of the human was first created by straight white European Christian explorers who found people that didn't look or act like them and had to codify their supposed superiority, so they invented the category of the human to include themselves and exclude others. The category of the human is usually exclusionary because it always assumes the traits that a "human" has to have, and there will always be someone who doesn't have these traits, so they can't be included as "human".
  7. PrideOfLenin

    Does anyone have disad(s) to this Aff?

    Try SDI's packet stuff. It's pretty good. I think there are also Base DA links somewhere.
  8. PolicyDebater07

    Does anyone have disad(s) to this Aff?

    Can anyone share their disads aginst a Dream Aff?
  9. PolicyDebater07

    Does anyone have disad(s) to this Aff?

    Can anyone share their disads aginst a Dream Aff?
  10. PolicyDebater07

    Does anayone have answers to this argument?

    Can anyone share their disads aginst a Dream Aff?
  11. PolicyDebater07

    What are some starting words or sentence starters to put traps?

    Can you explain more what you mean likr an example maybe I can hepp you more then.
  12. secrettopaz30

    What are some traps we can put out to win during the CX?

    Are you saying that you are agreeing with us? Are you stating that Trump will shut down the plan, causing what we specifically just said will actually happen? *Answers* On page 180 it states that though, and in H-1B visas AFF it just shows that doing this will actually have a better lean into having a pandemic, so how does your plan help the planet? How is your statement beneficial for the world, it’s population and progression? What is your evidence that “Pandemics Don’t Cause Extinction”? Do you have physical evidence? And if so, what is that specific evidence? (for 1AR Harms (doctors)- Answers to “Pandemics Don’t Cause Extinction”) Of course, we don’t think that pandemics will wipe out the entire globe, but considering your examples this pandemic may wipe out a large population of people. Do you not think that a pandemic will wipe out a large number of people, or do you not care that a large number of people will die, and only care about if our population will go extinct? (for 1AR Harms (doctors)- Answers to “Pandemics Don’t Cause Extinction”)How do we know, and what proof is there that immigrant doctors did not find the cure for many diseases, like the ones you just mentioned? However, how we even know that immigrants did not even help to fix help problems and what proof is there that having immigrants there will not have an effect?
  13. NickDB8

    Debating with braces & expander

    I had this same issue from frosh to jr year. You just kinda adapt. When you get them taken off, you'll probably have to adapt again.
  14. I'm thinking that the Blood quantum aff produced by wake forest could be a TVA to most set col affs. Blood quantum bad - that prevents free flow for natives between the Canadian - US border based on how native your are through blood. thats bad, Blood quantum = instance of settler logic codified in law thorough its infringement on native sovereignty. Remove that restriction - > key to stop instances of set col through legal immigration reform. Also, it's negative state action because its getting rid of one instance on how the law is controlling the native people.
  15. Last week
  16. HandMeSomeCapGood

    What are some good specific TVA for Anti-blackness teams and Set Col teams

    My recommendation would be to find a card talking about how X group immigrants are being targeted through some mechanism within the immigration system and slap on a restriction to it. However, for set col aff's its a bit trickier. So you might want to find an immigration policy now that's hurting natives [maybe ask the aff team in round what policy is displacing natives and then they'll give you one.] Slap on that good ol' USFG should restrict and there you go.
  17. monkeybusiness

    Debating with braces & expander

    get a jaw transplant
  18. Hey, I want to understand Wilderson‘s critique of Humanism and thus why slaves are excluded by this term. Moreover, I have difficulties to understand Hartman and her theory of empathy. thanks
  19. lakenlynn

    Debating with braces & expander

    I used to be able to spread really well, but then I got braces and a palatal expander installed. NOW I my wpm count has gone down and im lacking clarity. advice?
  20. chsdebater5

    Answers to "Immigration Doesn't Solve Aging"

    https://openev.debatecoaches.org/bin/download/2018/Georgetown/High Skilled Aff Updates - Georgetown 2018.docx https://openev.debatecoaches.org/bin/download/2018/Georgetown/High Skilled Aff - Georgetown 2018.docx Check the aging module
  21. taiwan

    Help! I need some neg cards to this travel ban Aff.

    depending on the advantages, there could be some good neg strats. I don't know the specifics of the AFF but some disads/cps/ks would link! or of course you can just run timecube (no)
  22. OurAltIsTerrorism

    What are some good specific TVA for Anti-blackness teams and Set Col teams

    Topical Version of the Affirmative
  23. How do I answer the neg argument that immigration doesn't solve aging? I am specifically looking at Camarota 16.
  24. openpolicydebater23


    Does anyone have a healthcare high now card?
  25. openpolicydebater23

    Does anyone have Dream neg cards?

    Does anyone have neg cards for the DREAM Aff (The U.S.F.G should pass the Dream act of 2017)
  26. Afro pess and set col both dispute the idea that semiotics can explain the world, fyi. Gratuitous violence is literally violence not captured within the symbolic. TVAs rarely have to be anything special. Especially in the case of those two fields though, specific TVAs are probably impossible. The theories are diametrically opposed to reformism, so the best a TVA could do is discuss racism generally. Your time is better spent attacking the theory. If you prove reform is good and/or black people/natives aren't ontologically dead or whatever you should win with or without the tva.
  27. openpolicydebater23


    Ok thanks, I also have a debate tournament soon (All my debate tournaments decide whether or not I go to Harvard Kentucky and Texas to debate so this helps.
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