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  3. What's the most progressive Kritik? Is the death good D and G, Baudrillard, Scorpion Death (Baudrillard), or something else.
  4. Can anyone trade and explain the Scorpion Death K?
  5. Damn, what a shame that this site is in such disarray. I joined back in '05 and learned so much about debate from this site and always enjoyed some good trolling. I signed back on today because I'm looking to volunteer at BAUDL tournaments again and thought I'd check in with the community. Sad day
  6. And here's yet another daily update. So far we've been getting more downloads than I expected. Today it's a solid, short cap good card. I'll try to center most cards on either common args (Cap, Appeasement, etc.) or specific geopolitical scenarios. As always, send any feedback or requests. Enjoy! Daily Card 10-02-19.docx
  7. Hey! This is my first add to the daily card, happy to jump on and add to what was once an integral part of the Cross-X culture! Feel free to send me requests and suggestions as well, hope y'all enjoy! Daily Card 10-01-19.docx
  8. It's a testament to the users that still come here that this place hasn't devolved into shitposting That said, new gif for all to save
  9. Delta3

    Delete account

    I want to delete my account and there isn't an option. I've contacted David multiple times (and have never received a response). Can anyone help?
  10. Power is a construct. Everyone is a mod. Police yourself. Or don't! Who cares!
  11. Hi again, this card is supposed to be inspirational. Feel free to send requests/suggestions. Daily Card 10-01-19.docx
  12. its prob the one from U Mich from open ev
  13. Hey, just curious, which weaponitus K file are you using?
  14. Honest question, are there ANY mods left or did David strip everyone of mod powers in the name of reorganization?
  15. Look man, I gave you Duke of York. That's a sweet position. I'll split profits with you 50/50 but only if you ritz it up.
  16. Of course, just shoot me your email and we can figure that out. Alternating days maybe, idk? Thanks
  17. I'll totally help contribute to this if you're ok with that. I loved the daily card from my old Cross-X days
  18. Hi everyone, my name is Hunter. I finished my high school debate career in 2017-2018. I now do college debate. I'm personally reviving this daily card thingy that Snowball once did for the benefit of novices/small schools (and because I like cutting cards). Enjoy. There's 5 in the first drop to make up for the 1.5 years this hasn't existed. Daily Card 9-30-19.docx
  19. I hereby decree hostile takeover. I am now the King of cross-x.com, Colin is my Duke of York, and I declare this website in the name of Lulz. If David does not challenge my claim in 15 days, cross-x.com is legally mine as per the law of Omerta.
  20. He has, he just turned off the setting for showing when he's active. It's probably really been about 4 months or whenever he last announced in a thread he was drafting rules for the site.
  21. DebateDude

    Morocco AFF?

    Well it’s Definitely T, they bought 72 NEW F-16s in 2018 and had almost a billion dollars in arms sales in 2019. As for adv I have no ide
  22. The admin hasn’t been on in a year+
  23. I'd honestly suggest you find some more active mods to monitor this site. The topic HASN'T even been updated for 2019-2020. That's a bit concerning and can be easily fixed by having some supporting moderators or admins.
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