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Texas is trying to become more modern with our education in debate, so with this wiki we're disclosing everything that we know is being run by any team in texas. email me at uilscouting@gmail.com to send info about things you want posted, and what not. thanks. http://uileaks.wikispaces.com/UILeaks+Info


please tell all of your friends to email me with the team, and their strat or case, so we can get this site up and running effectively.

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1. A solvency deficit is any reason why the affirmative plan (or the negative counterplan) cannot do what it claims to do. It's a reason why the [counter]plan lacks (is deficit) in its ability to solve (have solvency).


2. Uhm...no... A counter question is this: "Why does it matter if a kritik is non-topical or topical?". A kritik can be specific to the topic (there are kritiks that criticize transportation infrastructure investment specifically). If you're asking about kritikal affirmatives, that's a different question.


3. You can expressely say that they double turned themselves and then explain how.


4. Framework is a class of theory arguments as to how debate should be run. It's usually used as a reason why kritiks shouldn't be used. It's a way to "frame" the debate. Think of the framework of a house. It's the underlying structure of the building.

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1.Solvency deficit is why the Aff can't do what it claims and explains why it lacks in continutiy to solve.

2. Depends. What do you mean? A K CP could be if the agent is the same but a K would have a link and an impact with an alternative so then it isn't topical on the Neg. Narrative K's can go either way and K Affs are of course topical.

3. Say their link turn and impact turn and explain how it your position.

4. Framework are theory arguments run in response to K's and why they are bad. Think about the term in a similar way of ground, just that it is more theoretical than T.

Good luck!

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On the turns ?, A turn from aff goes neg. A 2nd turn goes back to aff. Just explain that to the judges. Most will already have figured it out on their own. This why you should never run link and impact turns on the same DA. WTJAZZ 

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