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Example 1AC and neg brief for NFL's rez? I debate for a different rez.



Hey guys,


I'm helping instruct a debate team for a local school in a few weeks. This is their first year offering a TP debate team [in years past, they've only offered LD.] I myself actually compete with a different league since I don't attend that specific school. Their debate coach however, asked me, my debate partner and another team to come and have an example debate just to show the kids the idea of TP debate.


Since I'm in a different league however, we have a different resolution and I don't know much about NFL's rez. I was wondering if anyone knew somewhere I could find a decent 1AC and neg brief to go with it, just to use as an example for that one round? If not, I'll throw together something to use myself. It's not too big of a deal, I'm just focusing on a different rez. So yeah, some suggestions would be great.

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