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For the 2AC My condo block is: "Condo bad is a voter- skews time and strat, not reciprocal, infinitely regressive, creates a moving target, and dispo solves their offense – our interpretation is that the neg gets 1 conditional advocacy"

The offense/defense should usually be the same with the skews time/strat, not reciprocal, etc. but you should choose what your interp is be it they get one condo advocacy, dispo, unconditional, 2 condos. whatever you can articulate the best or works better for the round. should be a pretty blippy argument and you need to slow down a bit and pause a second to make sure the judge flows all the arguments. In the condo debates that I've had I've found your interp of dispo is the best way to win the debate because your interp allows for neg and aff control of neg strats and forces a bit more strategic thinking than reading a bunch of adv cp's. If you're gonna go for it in the 1AR/2AR make sure there is some real in round abuse (you only read perms and impact defense, for example) so you can prove that abuse.

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The way i read condo in the 2ac is that i sort of just read it on the flow of something i feel like they might undercover (if they arent flowing ill just put it on an offcase flow) The 2ac can be a little blippy with the standards and have the 1ar hit more on those standards and why they are voting issues, the real time you want to be reading condo is if they have contradicting advocacies or they just read like 7 off, other than that it isnt as prevalent as it is in LD for example. I think ur interp is fine but as someone who does debate semi contradicting args (nietschze K, politics DA) usually neg will win that condo off saying each flow is separate we arent going to cross apply stuff from one flow to the other.

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