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Scholarship Committee Set

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Because Debate Vision is using 100% of revenue to fund debate scholarships, the need arose to have a committee by which scholarships could be awarded fairly and (hopefully) objectively. We reached out to some of the most qualified coaches, and the committee has been finalized. It includes the following members, to whom DV is greatly indebted:


Gordon Stables

Director of Debate, University of Sothern California

Under Stables’s leadership, USC has continued its streak of qualifying a team for the NDT every year since 1963. He is the incoming president of the Cross-Examination Debate Association (CEDA) and the executive secretary of the National Debate Tournament Committee (NDT). He is also the chair of CEDA's Topic Selection Committee. In 2011, Stables won both the CEDA Brownlee Award and the NDT George Ziegelmueller Award, becoming the first person to win both awards in the same year and just the third person to win both awards in a career.


Scott Herndon

Associate Director of Debate, University of Texas at Dallas

Formerly a coach at Kansas State University, Scott Herndon has been at The University of Texas at Dallas since 2002. In that time, UT Dallas has qualified for the NDT seven years in a row, received invitations to the Kentucky and the Dartmouth Round Robin competitions, reached the quarterfinals of the NDT in 2010 and the elimination debates of CEDA nationals for eight consecutive years. An experienced instructor and judge, he has been a debate camp instructor at the World Debate Institute, Baylor University, International Debate Education Association Conference and the University of Kansas. Herndon was recognized as the CEDA Southwest Region Critic of the Year in 2004 and 2009.


Michael Antonucci

Debate Coach, Georgetown University.

Before joining Georgetown, Antonucci coached debate for Lexington High-School and for Northwestern University. He is responsible for designing and overseeing the Georgetown Debate Seminar's curriculum and is part of the 2011 faculty at both the Georgetown Debate Seminar and the Dartmouth Debate Institute. He has previously taught summer workshops at the University of Iowa, the University of North Texas, the Northwestern Zarefsky-themed Summer Camp, and DDI.


David Cram Helwich

Director of Debate, University of Minnesota

Since the re-birth of the Minnesota debate program in 2007, DCH has lead the Minnesota Debate Team to rankings in the Top 25 by both the Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA) and the National Debate Tournament (NDT), and to recognition as the Outstanding New Program by CEDA in its first year. In 2009, a Minnesota team competed in the NDT for the first time since 1983. Before joining the Minnesota faculty, DCH coached debate at Macalester College.


Joel Rollins

Director of Debate, The University of Texas at Austin

Rollins has served as the Director of Debate at UT since 1989 and the director of the University of Texas National Institute in Forensics (UTNIF) since 1994. He has directed the Longhorn Classic TOC qualifying tournament since 1997, and he has served in high leadership positions with both on the NDT committee and the CEDA National Committee. In 2002, Rollins was awarded the Pelham National Debate Coach of the Year Award (a lifetime achievement award), and in 2004, he founded the Austin Urban Debate League. His teams over the years have been consistently ranked in the Top 10 nationally. Before joining UT, Rollins coached at the University of North Texas and at Sothern Methodist University.

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