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This is a blog for a project I have started. I have decided to read every paradigm on the judge philosophy wiki (http://judgephilosophies.wikispaces.com/). Many of the paradigms, from my experience, say very little that is constructive (honestly, most just say "I like debate, I vote on whatever, maybe I hate something, maybe I like something). Im not blogging about those paradigms. I am blogging about the paradigms that talk about factors in a decision which couldchange between judges, or biases that are used in judging. A couple of issues I want to read paradigms for include ev v. spin, cheap shots and offense/defense. I want to respond to these in the shoes of both a debater and a potential judge.


NOTE - if you read my blog, and I discussed your paradigm, it would be cool to email me about what I wrote and have a discussion about my blog with me. If you judge regularly and want to discuss anything here further, or would be willing to answer a few Q's, email me. liampirate@gmail.com


About me - I just finished my 2nd year of HS debate for ingraham HS in Seattle, WA. I qualled for NFL's this year and I made it to finals of my state tournament.


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