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  • twoAC's Photo
    Utnif camp files

    twoAC - Today, 06:54 PM

    why not just post them?indeed. shared dropbox folder? https://www.mediafire.com/ ?

  • shreyasr711's Photo
    Cal Berkeley Files

    shreyasr711 - Today, 06:32 PM

  • dnadella787's Photo
    Utnif camp files

    dnadella787 - Today, 05:32 PM

    I've got all of them PM me.why not just post them?

    Education vDebate- TheTrashDebater(aff) vs KushPatel(neg)

    HEYEYEYEYEYEY - Today, 04:30 PM

    I only read the 2ac-1ar: 2AC---Impact out why recency matters just a word or two more- I don't think you answer the China cyber attacks to well, why do you solve nk and russia, word efficency is key---The general author stuff is pretty stupid---wh...

  • TheSnowball's Photo
    Cal Berkeley Files

    TheSnowball - Today, 02:33 PM

    I, too, am interested.

  • CondoK's Photo
    Utnif camp files

    CondoK - Today, 07:10 AM

    I've got all of them PM me.

  • CondoK's Photo
    How to answer a performance

    CondoK - Today, 07:08 AM

    Also sorry for the double post but ditto on the points above-probably won't win on poems bad unless you have something like one of thr counter K's i mentioned above or if its an aff go super hard in on fw.

  • CondoK's Photo
    How to answer a performance

    CondoK - Today, 07:07 AM

    Vs a K aff I go for suffering economy K (B-Drill stuff) or Tuck & Yang. Vs a K just use your generic K answers then look through the poem and see if there's certain instances of oppression etc they talk about the world of the aff could solve or mak...

  • CondoK's Photo
    How to beat a K

    CondoK - Today, 06:58 AM

    Against every K read a perm, no link/link turn and FW- most K teams will get excited you ran an argument that may not apply then waste a ton of time on something in the block you were never going for. In the 2AR vs systemic K's I usually go for offense...

  • elmeryang00's Photo
    Utnif camp files

    elmeryang00 - Today, 05:10 AM

    Just to clarify to OP, those are the Starter Packs and just for Session 1. GRIPE's are the camper cut files, not the staff cut ones on the Starter Packs. UTNIF doesn't release their Session 2 Starter Packs or GRIPE's publicly. 

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