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  • longhornsdp's Photo
    camps 2017

    longhornsdp - Today, 08:30 PM

    tier 1 - michigan 7 week, hss 7 week tier 2 - ndi 6 week tier 3 - wake, ddi, berkeley everything else i mean , UTNIF was really good UTNIF definitely tier one especially if you compare the price to other camps

  • G4ng1nth1s's Photo
    camps 2017

    G4ng1nth1s - Today, 05:48 PM

    ? pretty sure it is... top 20 nationally but I'm pretty sure it was like top 10 at one point

  • Swanklord's Photo
    TFA vs UIL

    Swanklord - Today, 01:53 PM

    Because an activity primarily concerned with opportunity cost is at its worst when it's making decisions between options. haha exactly

  • Rnivium's Photo
    Vdebate -- Rnivium [a] vs. DebateForLife [n]

    Rnivium - Today, 12:59 PM

    Okay. I don't care who I debate and who judges and how they judge. But the round shall live on! Just someone post a 1NC. Go ahead, NativeWarlock.

  • NativeWarlock's Photo
    Vdebate -- Rnivium [a] vs. DebateForLife [n]

    NativeWarlock - Today, 11:03 AM

    Might want to hit this aff, let me skim it first

  • Samkash's Photo
    camps 2017

    Samkash - Today, 11:00 AM

    i mean , UTNIF was really good 

  • Samkash's Photo
    Vdebate -- Rnivium [a] vs. DebateForLife [n]

    Samkash - Today, 10:58 AM

    actually sorry guys , some major schoolwork has come up , i wont be able to continue , sorry for the false hope of continueing this round

  • Edgehopper's Photo
    2AC Overviews good?

    Edgehopper - Today, 10:11 AM

    Last year, I started having my kids prep a canned 2AC extensions block--not an overview, but a prepared block to extend case efficiently and with transitions so that the extensions were part of a summary of the case to remind the judge what the Aff was...

  • TheZodiacKiller's Photo
    2AC Overviews good?

    TheZodiacKiller - Yesterday, 10:53 PM

    K Aff's too often have case overviews that get little to no offense out. Have two case overviews, one for when you think the 2nr will be framework, the other for when it's a critique debate, and begin setting the parameters for the round, define the RO...

  • Theparanoiacmachine's Photo
    camps 2017

    Theparanoiacmachine - Yesterday, 10:41 PM

    crazily enough i was already thinking about camp next year cuz im obsessed with this debate shyt... haven't heard much about berkeley/gonzaga, opinions? I know berkeley is an extra elite university so I would expect good things. Also someone told me No...

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