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    November Wilderson AMA Copy

    ConsultVerminSupreme - Today, 02:23 PM

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought Wilderson himself said you probably shouldn't cut cards from the AMA...  I don't think Wilderson said "don't cut cards from the AMA" rather don't use his responses from Reddit as a primary means of unders...

  • aprasad202's Photo
    November Wilderson AMA Copy

    aprasad202 - Today, 01:55 PM

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought Wilderson himself said you probably shouldn't cut cards from the AMA...

  • CalculusBC's Photo
    UTNIF Skills Session 1

    CalculusBC - Today, 12:28 PM

    Who are the lab leaders? My contract doesn't start until July 1st.

  • vmanAA738's Photo
    Daily Card

    vmanAA738 - Today, 11:59 AM

    I'm back- this time with a useful card: US leadership is dead- it can help answer all those pesky innovation and competitiveness advantages out there on the topic

  • vmanAA738's Photo
    Common Nuke War Impact Cards

    vmanAA738 - Today, 11:44 AM

    would you link to cite info?do you one better and attach the cards myself

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    China VDebate- TheTrashDebater(Aff) v. Nonegfiat(Neg)

    NickDB8 - Today, 10:59 AM

    Also, if the neg kicks an off case position, you don't have to keep saying "they kicked this flow it aff" unless there's offense you can win on it.

  • TheSnowball's Photo
    Daily Card

    TheSnowball - Today, 06:46 AM

    Can I get a card that says urbanization will lead to a decrease of ghgs? Make sure its not the Fankhauser and Jotzo 2017 6/23/17

  • Nonegfiat's Photo
    China Debate- neeve (affirmative) versus notmyaltaccount (negative)

    Nonegfiat - Yesterday, 11:03 PM

    ??Sorry for the delay In short, I'm gonna sit--  1. I'm not getting nearly enough analysis on how the counter interp solves limits. I'm being told that limits are k2 predictability and solving participation is a priori, while the only af...

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    Common Nuke War Impact Cards

    Snarf - Yesterday, 09:59 PM

    for a pure nuke war impact: the econ decline -> nuke war is probably the most common (tonnesson 14)for a general extinction impact: warming -> extinction is somehow is 75% of rounds and there are a bunch of cards for thiswould you link to cite...

  • CalculusBC's Photo
    Camp Evidence Packet List 2017

    CalculusBC - Yesterday, 05:35 PM

    I hope y'all like the case neg for SP2, because cutting it was a hassle. I deadass couldn't find any "AOUM good" OR "REHYA bad" evidence. I would like to know what y'all think of the cards I cut, so just Ctrl+F Calculus BC and give me your honest opini...

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