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    NativeWarlock Congrats

    vmanAA738 - Today, 12:08 AM

    i was in finals but ok thnx :(my b- im sorry

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    Counter Memory

    nathan_debate - Yesterday, 09:08 PM

    Counter memory is I think jus tellling minority or marginalized or silenced stories. The status quo is official memory & official stories, where as you are telling a counter-memory. I would think you might run this with a geneaology....

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    Security K construction

    nathan_debate - Yesterday, 09:06 PM

    On Security by Ronnie Lipshutz (I just answered this on another thread, probably the K thread so you'll have to get the exact author name and link to Amazon from there) This is pretty much where the critique originated in terms of debate.  It...

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    China: CynicClinic (Aff) vs shmooney (Neg)

    CynicClinic - Yesterday, 08:34 PM

    Bump for 2NC?

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    Counter Memory

    SirAravis - Yesterday, 08:23 PM

    The idea actually originated with a term called "Vergangenheitsbew√§ltigung" from Germany and is used to describe the way Germany dealt with its political identity post-Hitler. So there are dominant historical narratives. For example, like Germany...

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    Introduction to Psychoanalysis

    SirAravis - Yesterday, 07:52 PM

    Why is the language of the unconscious the language of the Other?  Well  Without context, I would say that because in psychoanalysis, the unconscious is the other; it's always unaccessible to us absent attempts at interpretation by...

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    Policy Debate Google Drive

    nathan_debate - Yesterday, 06:14 PM

    I'm going to recommend that after he/she adds you, that you delete your email address so it doesn't get scraped (in the interest of fewer spam emails)

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    NativeWarlock Congrats

    Benny - Yesterday, 05:06 PM

    If we are being vain, then I'll interject that I went 4-2 with the speaks to break going maverick.

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    NativeWarlock Congrats

    Morganfreeman - Yesterday, 02:38 PM

    i was in finals but ok thnx :(were you heritage hall?

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    Policy Debate Google Drive

    ForeseenParadox - Yesterday, 02:32 PM


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