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    China vDebate: deb8 (A) vs RVI (N)

    deb8 - Today, 12:24 AM

    Alrighty CX Harms What is the flaw within the people? If Marxism is a horrible fit, is there any system that won't oppress the Zambians?  Inherency Is your overall inherency argument that the case is non unique? Correct me...

  • RVI's Photo
    China vDebate: deb8 (A) vs RVI (N)

    RVI - Yesterday, 11:04 PM

    2NC is 1986, and it covers new arguments and responses. The 1NR will cover old arguments and give voters.  The order is still:HarmsInherency SolvencyKritikFrameworkOpen for CX!

  • arguablythebest's Photo
    Getting Better at the 1AR

    arguablythebest - Yesterday, 09:53 PM

    Are you writing your 1ARs on your flows? Because that's a good place to start. Prioritize in the order of Case, T/Theory/FW, K/CP, DAs (Unless you have some stock issue judge that insists you put T on top). And yeah I think hell 1ARs are definitely a g...

  • arguablythebest's Photo
    getting better @ flowing/line by line

    arguablythebest - Yesterday, 09:40 PM

    Honey you and I are in the same boat. I definitely agree with RVI that you need to practice, but if you want more of an idea of how to flow in a round, here's what I do: I flow straight down and don't bother trying to line everything up as it's said be...

  • NativeWarlock's Photo
    China VDebate: vmanAA738 (A) vs NativeWarlock (N)

    NativeWarlock - Yesterday, 08:59 PM

    Sorry for wait, school got me busy- some CX: Goldstein says that when China's not dumping in the ocean they dump in local rivers- why wouldn't they just dump in places we can't hold them accountable post-plan? Why would they say yes if they've histor...

  • MassGenocideSolves's Photo

    MassGenocideSolves - Yesterday, 08:58 PM

    Bump. I don't have the slightest clue about this, so I'd love this to be answered. Nice question, deserves an up-vote.

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    Vdebate -- Rnivium [a] vs. DebateForLife [n]

    MassGenocideSolves - Yesterday, 07:31 PM

    Sorry! You don't have to reflow if you already did!Nahhhhhh, it is okay lol, no worries. It was a trash flow anyways, I did it after a couple...... Er 20 something shots, and some pills. So it looked good to me... Then. But also, DebateForLife, what...

  • Rnivium's Photo
    Vdebate -- Rnivium [a] vs. DebateForLife [n]

    Rnivium - Yesterday, 06:49 PM

    Daaaaaaaangit, eh whatever I'll just re-flow it. Gotta do something tonight at 3 am other than cut my bs args :P.Sorry! You don't have to reflow if you already did!

  • Rnivium's Photo
    vDebate China: vmanAA738 (a) vs Rnivium (n)

    Rnivium - Yesterday, 06:40 PM

    I think we still need some judges. Here's the 2NR, condo then T.Good debate.

  • MassGenocideSolves's Photo
    vDebate China: vmanAA738 (a) vs Rnivium (n)

    MassGenocideSolves - Yesterday, 06:08 PM

    1AR is condoI've done some pretty crazy stuff in 1ar's, but never 5 minutes of condo. I'm sorry I misclicked, I meant to upvote. You're a legend.

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