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    Apology Theory

    HEYEYEYEYEYEY - Today, 08:04 PM

    If you do think that it will be a big thing in the debate, you might want to read a card saying that Apologies work or something in that sort of line but not a card saying "rejecting us doesn't solve".

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    Apology Theory

    PopcornCzar - Today, 06:07 PM

    1) Prevent the situation in the first place - if you don't ask for pronouns then don't use particularly gendered terms including s/he. 2) Problematic situations can occur outside of misgendering and if there is a problem then you should genuinely...

  • elmeryang00's Photo
    Apology Theory

    elmeryang00 - Today, 01:40 PM

    We apologize, solves the net-benefit Latiff 1 (81 B.U.L. Rev. 289, p lexis) A coerced apology can mitigate anger even if it is perceived as insincere, and regardless of the offender's level of responsibility. Two studies support this assertion. In...

  • AtlanticCoast's Photo
    Apology Theory

    AtlanticCoast - Today, 12:48 PM

    This may just be me, but I feel like using cards to argue that you shouldn't be voted down for messed up things you've said in round kinda undercut the genuine nature of the apology. It seems weird for a team to read evidence saying "voting us down won...

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    Apology Theory

    TheTrashDebater - Today, 11:32 AM

    That clears up a lot of things, thanks!

    Apology Theory

    HEYEYEYEYEYEY - Today, 11:27 AM

    Its not much of a theory. Its when you/your partner did something in the debate that you both regretfully did. (slip up on pro-nouns, when your partner says something stupid, etc.) It is not much of a theory but more about being a good person

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    Apology Theory

    NickDB8 - Today, 10:58 AM

    a. try to avoid that all together - don't be problematicb. you probably don't need a theory block for itc. here's cards  Spoiler Rejecting us via the ballot is the worst way to create lasting changeKinzel ‘11 (Lesley Kinzel, blogger and social ju...

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    Apology Theory

    JacKDarK - Today, 10:54 AM

    just... don't misgender someone?To this end, I would recommend asking for pronouns before the round of both the opposing team and your opponents.  Something like "Hi, I'm Jimothy, I use he/him, what're your names and pronouns" is very simple and c...

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    Exodus Files Researchers Want to Hear From YOU!

    kylerbuckner - Today, 10:21 AM

    For an aff I would suggest a critical Pedagogy K-aff For the neg I would suggest an Agomben Agamben K.

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    Apology Theory

    kylerbuckner - Today, 10:20 AM

    just... don't misgender someone?

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