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  • nathan_debate's Photo
    Science Isn't Broken

    nathan_debate - Yesterday, 09:14 PM

    To be fair, I tend to think university PR departments may have it rough.   Getting stuff covered may not be all that easy, especially for Tier 2 and Tier 3 universities competing against big universities in their market. Also, academic r...

  • Chaos's Photo
    Science Isn't Broken

    Chaos - Yesterday, 08:15 PM

    A lot of the studies talking about failure to replicate look only at popular studies within supposedly reputable journals. I don't think hokey journals are the problem. Incentives are bad everywhere. Whenever I think about or discuss this issue I usua...

  • JeanLucPicard's Photo
    Good SciFi Movies?

    JeanLucPicard - Yesterday, 03:21 PM

    star trek ii: the wrath of khan is a great movie

  • MassGenocideSolves's Photo
    Good SciFi Movies?

    MassGenocideSolves - Yesterday, 03:04 PM

    how does one watch movies while cutting cardsSnarf is a legend that's how. Never question Snarf. Here are both TV Shows and Movies: - Star Wars - Star Trek (original is the best) - Buck Rogers - Thunderbirds [Go] - Dune - Battle Star Gallactica - X...

  • youdidntseeme's Photo
    Good SciFi Movies?

    youdidntseeme - Yesterday, 01:28 PM

    I like to watch movies while I cut cards, and I've run through my entire list of SciFi / fantasy movies that I wanted to watch. I enjoy stuff like Interstellar, Inception, and The Matrix. Anyone have any good recommendations? how do...

  • nathan_debate's Photo
    K affs

    nathan_debate - Yesterday, 01:27 PM

    Impact turn the K or K the K.  Its often a K of value or a PIK of their advocacy based on representations.  Or capitalism. or Framework.  You must use the state.  Reps focus = illegit. The challenge if you o...

  • nathan_debate's Photo
    Science Isn't Broken

    nathan_debate - Yesterday, 01:24 PM

    I think this is a helpful reminder: Human fallibilities send the scientific process hurtling in fits, starts and misdirections instead of in a straight line from question to truth. Christie Aschwanden The science we get is only as good a...

  • baudrillbabe's Photo
    Cutting Baudrillard Bad Cards

    baudrillbabe - Yesterday, 12:27 PM

    :(   "Realer than Real" Bryan Massumi There's some good orientalism links, i.e. semantic analysis' of the war only make sense from a western perspective where one is not literally having bombs dropped on their head---violence isn't...

  • baudrillbabe's Photo
    Good SciFi Movies?

    baudrillbabe - Yesterday, 12:22 PM

    watch Blade Runner and cut some Baudrillard, ya know. 

  • Snarf's Photo
    Science Isn't Broken

    Snarf - Yesterday, 11:59 AM

    Didn't see this until now. There has been an explosion in the number of journals as the cost of publishing is low and the subscription fees are high which provides great financial incentives to the publisher. They have also recognized that there are m...

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