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    HEYEYEYEYEYEY - Today, 06:54 PM

    For me last year, it was a bunch of teams claiming new affs. It's also one of the harder tournaments I went to.

  • NickDB8's Photo

    NickDB8 - Today, 05:41 PM

    My first ToC bid tournament is gonna be GHill - What should I know, and how should I prep?


    HEYEYEYEYEYEY - Today, 05:18 PM

    Same but I don't think I will have that good of a partner for next year. Echoing the sentiments of CondoK, I too would appreciate it if anyone could offer some expertise or help. Thanks!

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    camp powerpoints

    MyNameIsVermin - Today, 04:03 PM

    Does someone have LD lectures or powerpoints?  https://www.youtube....-W2vsseQ/videos Look at the earlier videos on the debatedrills YouTube channel. They go over LD-specific theory and tricks stuff.The later videos are LD practice round...

  • TheSnowball's Photo
    camp powerpoints

    TheSnowball - Today, 02:46 PM

    I don't have any lectures about LD, but if you want to watch something more interesting, you might consider observing grass grow or staring at a wall.

  • brodrillard's Photo
    camp powerpoints

    brodrillard - Today, 01:39 PM

    Does someone have LD lectures or powerpoints?im also interested in ld lectures lol 

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    Camp Evidence Packet List 2017

    LeKritiker - Today, 01:09 PM

    REHYA is XT, it includes higher education But extra T is extra good 

  • LeKritiker's Photo

    LeKritiker - Today, 12:57 PM

    *name is BifoBabe* He also wrote a new book so

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    BifoBabe - Today, 12:22 PM


  • DogeDuck's Photo
    camp powerpoints

    DogeDuck - Today, 09:09 AM

    Does someone have LD lectures or powerpoints?

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