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    Morganfreeman - Today, 06:58 PM

    TFA state is pretty hard, tbh you need to be good at k debating but if your an excellent policy debator you will be fine. The judges are going to pretty good especially since it is in dallas. Dallas has pretty good judges. I think last years winners we...

  • CoolioBrah's Photo

    CoolioBrah - Today, 03:07 PM

      1) Be prepared to hit TOC-qualifying teams, but don't worry: Biggest advice I can give you when hitting really good teams is don't despair. The worst rounds in my career so far have been when I realized we could have probably won against te...

  • LeKritiker's Photo

    LeKritiker - Today, 05:13 AM

    Default to Texas debaters for competing answers, but from my knowledge: 1,3,5) TFA is a cross between UT and St. Marks, with a difficulty that you'd expect to see there. With this years topic, you'll probably see several excellent policy debaters...

  • Rnivium's Photo
    China Vdebate -- Rnivium [a] vs. OopsPlanFlaw [n]

    Rnivium - Yesterday, 09:48 PM

    I'll gladly debate this aff if this debate is deadI'm going to give them some time to respond -- after all the delay I had in our debate I'd be a hypocrite not to.

  • vmanAA738's Photo

    vmanAA738 - Yesterday, 08:14 PM

    Answering questions 2 and 5: 2)- I dont think there are any scholarships associated with making it to the tournament/doing well in the tournament5) To do well at TFA state, you have to be prepared to have debates both policy and critically oriente...

  • vmanAA738's Photo
    China Vdebate -- Rnivium [a] vs. OopsPlanFlaw [n]

    vmanAA738 - Yesterday, 08:10 PM

    I'll gladly debate this aff if this debate is dead

  • lyraphix's Photo
    China Vdebate -- Rnivium [a] vs. OopsPlanFlaw [n]

    lyraphix - Yesterday, 06:12 PM

    I really liked your debate on anthro/grammar T, can't wait to see where this one goes :D

  • Benny's Photo

    Benny - Yesterday, 05:08 PM

    pref your judges right and all of these problems will disappear. I have seen teams go 1-5 and 2-4 at TFA state that have broke at nationals. It depends on how strong of a debater you are and how well you can read a judge. You will hit people that are T...

  • Keagan's Photo
    Sports Diplomacy Affirmative

    Keagan - Yesterday, 05:05 PM

    I was just looking through my files and realized that this links to pancap k or semiocap. The link argument is that sports are a means of nationalism that turns bodies into "entertainment values" that people consume. It also goes on to say that sports...

  • Rnivium's Photo
    China Vdebate -- Rnivium [a] vs. OopsPlanFlaw [n]

    Rnivium - Yesterday, 02:53 PM

    Well at least 50 of you have a free 1AC.

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