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Administrator Announcement

Jun 17 2014 03:18 PM | South-X in Site Announcements

This will be my last announcement as an administrator for Cross-x.com. I am moving on in my career and don't have the time necessary to devote to my role within the site for next season. User David who has long run the site with me (and frankly is the one who actually keeps the site running) will be taking over as sole admin. For those of you who have contacted me to resolve issues you should know that I will no longer be able to assist you with such issues in the future.

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NFL Thursday File Available

Jun 14 2014 04:08 PM | South-X in Thursday File

This weeks Thursday (or Saturday rather) file includes THREE disadvantages for NFL Nationals. In addition to updates to the GOP and Dems DA's for midterms, there is a brand new Highway Trust Fund DA that is perfect NFL. The Highway Trust Fund will be out of money by August and 700,000 people will be out of jobs. The Disad says that Congress will reach a bipartisan deal to keep infrastructure projects funded and that these projects are vital to competitiveness and economic growth. The plan would disrupt this bipartisan compromise because it is unpopular in Congress etc etc.

In the wake of Eric Cantor's surprising defeat in his Virginia primary, this weeks file also includes updates in the world of midterms.

Finally, the file includes answers to any possible agenda disadvantage you could possible debate this weekend. Enjoy!

Find out more about the file and author below


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Special CFL Thursday File Available

May 23 2014 06:39 PM | South-X in Thursday File

A lot has changed in politics since the regular season ended. This Thursday File is designed to reboot your politics debating. It focuses on midterm elections DAs which are going to be a major debate force going forward. Even if you intend to read regular politics this file gives you the base to answer all the other midterm elections DAs that will start popping up. Find out more about the file and author below:


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Thursday File Available April 10, 2014

Apr 10 2014 09:47 AM | South-X in Thursday File

This Thursday file includes a whole new scenario on the Middle East Peace Process as well as an Immigration Reform DA. In addition, it includes updates on patent reform, minimum wage, tpp, and nsa. As a bonus the file includes a Delay CP (which will solve for all the politics scenarios since most votes are coming up within the next week or so) as well as a DeDev impact turn frontline (since a lot of politics impact scenarios are the economy).

The file was made by Joe Leeson-Schatz, Director of Debate at Binghamton University

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Thursday File Available April 3, 2014

Apr 03 2014 02:30 PM | South-X in Thursday File

This week's file was written by Joe Schatz the Director of Debate at Binghamton University. Joe has helped build an incredibly successful college program with a long history of success at every level. The file includes 3 full scenarios: Wages, Patent Reform, and NSA Reform. All claim to be coming up to a vote next week. File also includes generic uniqueness updates and immigration updates.


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